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Pregnancy Piercings Bellybutton / Navel Ring



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Pregnancy Piercings, flexible pregnancy belly button rings. The perfect product to keep your navel piercing while pregnant!

Barbells, rings and PTFE are too short and can rip as your belly expands during pregnancy, Pregnancy Piercings are made with medical grade material that is very flexible, with a generous 2 inch length that gives you plenty of room to grow. Sanitized and sealed in a sterilization pouch.


  • 14 ga x 2" long
  • Non-toxic, biocompatible, and autoclavable
  • Medical grade plastic
  • Flexible and stretches with an expanding belly
  • Use in deep surface piercings and any place where a flexible, non-metallic material is required
  • Easily cut with scissors or a sharp blade to fit the piercing
  • Includes (2) secure end balls

If it becomes medically necessary for you to remove your metallic jewelry, this product can be inserted in its place as a retainer to keep the piercing open until your jewelry can be re-inserted.

Please note: I cannot take responsibility for any infections that may arise due to improper care and safety of inserting body jewelry. This is a temporary piece of body jewelry for use while pregnant. Use at your own risk.  Sterilize before use. At any sign of infection remove immediately. Always follow your Doctors advice in regards to your piercing.

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