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Wink Long Length Weight Loss Garment


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Wink Long Length Weight Loss Garment to compresses hips, thighs and abdomen for premium postnatal compression and weight loss.



  • Medical compression slimming garment
  • Compresses abdomen, hips, thighs, flanks and bum
  • Super soft medical compression to deliver results!
  • Hits above knee (8.5 in inseam)
  • The art of proper MEDICAL post-pregnancy compression can assist in lessening pooch bellies, loose skin, and pain
  • Wearing a Wink™ Belly Wraps slimming garment you will see your body bouncing back to shape faster
  • Fabric Content: 51% Tactel Nylon, 49% Lycrosoft | 100%
  • Latex and Formaldehyde Free
  • Effective treatment for diastasis recti


Wink compression garments are designed to truly help shrink your belly by offering an even medical-grade compression.

By using patented fabric technology Wink delivers the most effective and comfortable compression garments available on the market. The slimming belly wrap garments are ideal for weight loss, post pregnancy, losing the love handles or just for those who want a strong, durable compression.

The smooth and even compression that Wink provides helps to bring the abdominal muscles back together again after delivery and weight loss.

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A Flat Belly Can Be Yours

Don't let your post-pregnancy abdominal muscles go lax and pooch. Bounce back into shape, and fast, with Wink belly binding slimming system. Your desired results will directly correlate with your compliance in wearing this abdominal compression garment. Wink has fused the best materials and softest designs to ensure compliance and results!

Belly binding is known to deliver a flat belly faster after birth...

Post-Natal Abdominal Compression
Each Wink product will help reduce uncomfortable uterine swelling, aid in decreasing bloating caused by water retention, smooth lax skin, offer a smooth even compression, and give additional support for your back and legs while utilizing our patented specialty fabric. Even better, you will get a boost in your attitude while you feel slimmer and comfortable all while belly binding wearing a Wink Belly Wrap! Improved posture for breastfeeding and a seamless design are just a couple additional benefits of these products.

With extensive market testing Wink found that not every woman has the same recovery needs whether it is post-pregnancy or after excessive weight loss. Wink research indicates that some women not only need belly compression, but compression for their hips and thighs as well. Still yet, some women just want a simple belly band, and others prefer a smooth seamless belly wrap that will stay in place. Wink Belly Wraps products are made to fit a variety of bodies and appeal to each woman's unique needs.

Garment Care:
Your garment can be hand washed. The belly wraps should be washed in cold water and air/line-dried. Washing your garment in hot water or drying with an electric or gas dryer may ruin the garment. To remove any stains, the garment can be soaked in 2 or 3 gallons of cool water with 1/4 cup of peroxide added. After the garment has soaked, it can be hand washed and air/line-dried.


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